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Cleveland Monsters donate STEM curriculum (Photo gallery)






Three Cleveland Monsters players visited Hannah Gibbons School on Tuesday – to help give students a lesson in STEM education.

The Monsters are providing a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum that will be used by second-graders at Hannah Gibbons, George Washington Carver, Michael R. White, Mound and Orchard schools.

The Great Lakes Science Center designed the curriculum for the Monsters.

Lessons use elements of hockey to teach concepts like force, motion and friction, while also working in math, literacy and physical education, all based on state standards. Students will work in small groups, sharpening their communication and teamwork skills.

“The best part is it all relates to hockey,” Karyn Torigoe, STEM learning products manager at the museum, said during the announcement at Hannah Gibbons. “It introduces them to hockey.”

Monsters Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pam Frasco said in a news release: “We are thrilled to partner with Great Lakes Science Center and their staff of experts to create the new Monsters STEM learning program. We believe this initiative will provide an engaging and fun classroom experience for all participating students.”

The Great Lakes Science Center’s Jon Darr Kradshaw walked some students through activities included in the curriculum, which will also be used in four suburban school districts. Monsters Ryan Collins, Justin Scott and Sam Vigneault answered questions about themselves and assisted students in the activities.

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