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Students receive grants for healthy projects

Students at four CMSD high schools will receive $1,000 grants for proposals that help address health and wellness problems in their schools or communities.

The schools were among 10 that were announced as winners after participating in a five-hour workshop that UnitedHealthcare and GENYOUth’s AdVenture Capital hosted at Case Western Reserve University.

The CMSD schools and their projects included:

  • Bard Early High School College East Campus: Build an app to track physical activity and encourage students to exercise and earn nutritious smoothies.
  • Campus International High School: Work with the school’s nutrition staff to install a salad bar and encourage more healthy options during lunch.
  • Garrett Morgan High School: Increase breakfast participation from 25 percent 70 percent by starting an interactive open mic breakfast club.
  • John Adams College and Career Academy: Increase student interest in nutritious smoothies by purchasing a “smoothie bike” and starting to plan installation of a vending machine with healthy products.

United HealthCare employees volunteered to mentor the students as they designed their concepts and developed the pitches they made to judges.

AdVenture Capital is a social entrepreneurship program of GENYOUth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to child health and wellness.