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Councilman, foundation to cover senior dues for graduating MLK Students


12/19 /2019

Ward 7 Cleveland City Councilman Basheer Jones and the Famicos Foundation will pay class dues for all of the seniors at Martin Luther King Jr. Career Campus.

Cleveland City Councilman, Basheer Jones, speaking to seniors at Martin Luther King, Jr., High School

The dues of approximately $200 cover the cost for a senior outing to Dave and Buster's, a T-shirt, a yearbook, a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony and a photo. The total for the 43 seniors is $8,600.   

Jones, who graduated from MLK High School in 2002, said he wanted to do something special for the last class to graduate from building.   

As a part of the District’s long-term planning, Martin Luther King Jr. Campus will be consolidated with Glenville High School and phased out. Though their classes will be at Glenville, the remaining Martin Luther King students will receive MLK diplomas until the last class graduates in 2023.  

Jones says the gift, donated by the Famicos Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to neighborhood revitalization, will take the financial stress off the students during a time when they should be celebrating graduating from high school.  

But Jones said the gift comes at a cost. He challenged the students to pay it forward.  

“What can you do to leave your legacy on this school?” the councilman asked the students. “Whether it is a community program or a community service, whatever it is, how can you make sure the Class of 2020 is never forgotten. How can you make sure this community will always remember you?” 

Jewel, a senior, said she is grateful for this gift and relieved that she will no longer have the financial burden during her senior year.  

“I don’t have to worry about nothing else except my grades,” she said.  

Jewel said she is thinking about how she can give back to the community to honor Jones’ request.