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CMSD releases start dates, plan update




CMSD has set opening dates for the 2020-21 school year and will post its full reopening plan in less than two weeks.

The first day of school for students in year-round schools will be Monday, Aug. 24, while the first day for all other students will be Tuesday, Sept. 8.

CEO Eric Gordon will share the District’s full reopening plan with the community by July 24. The plan will include learning options that will be based on the city and county risk level for COVID-19, as reported by Ohio’s Public Health Advisory System.

“Our team has been working diligently to ensure our students, staff, families and facilities are fully prepared for what we expect to be a very different school year due to the health and safety guidelines required for Ohio’s schools,” the CEO said in a message sent Tuesday to families, staff and stakeholders.

To view a video version of the CEO’s message, read the full message or get other information, go here.

Gordon said the District’s Family and Community Engagement Office is working with the mayor’s office on the annual Back to School Fair and that principals would reach out to families with information on distribution of uniform, school supplies and other items.

He reminded families to register, if they have done so already, by visiting the District’s enrollment portal at or calling 216-838-3675.

“CMSD remains committed to not only ensuring students, families and staff have the materials and supports needed for a safe reopening, but we are equally committed to ensuring you have the information needed to have confidence in our reopening plans,” the CEO said.