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Health risk, surveys to help shape 2nd-quarter plan





The District will study current public health conditions and survey families and staff before proposing how learning will take place in the second quarter of the school year.

In a message sent to families and staff on Monday, CEO Eric Gordon said he expects to make a recommendation to the school board by Oct. 16.

The CEO will base the recommendation on the most recent level of health risk and consultation with health experts. He noted that trends are improving but also is mindful of warnings that cold weather and flu season could cause COVID-19 cases to spike.

Survey responses will determine how comfortable families and staff are with a hybrid of online and in-person education, should that be possible, and measure the effectiveness of this quarter’s remote learning. The surveys, similar to those that helped guide first-quarter decision making, are expected to be emailed and available on the District website the week of Oct. 5.

If CMSD moves toward hybrid learning, Gordon said the District will ensure that an option for remote learning remains available for students and families who are not ready for or are unable to return to the classroom. He added that the District and community must be prepared to shift from a hybrid to all-remote learning if health conditions require.

To read the message, go here.