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CMSD employees must show proof of vaccination or be tested




CMSD will require weekly COVID-19 testing for employees who do not provide proof of vaccination.

“While there are beginning to be signs of hope regarding possible treatments for those who get COVID, prevention continues to be the best tool available to us.” CEO Eric Gordon said in a message to employees.

A majority of CMSD employees are confirmed to be vaccinated, getting the vaccine on their own or through clinics that the District hosted in partnership with the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

The District sent a survey to nearly 3,000 employees whose status wss still unknown. The employees are being asked whether they are vaccinated, and, if not, whether they plan to receive a first dose by Oct. 15 or do not plan to provide proof of vaccination.

The weekly COVID testing will be free for the employees at their worksites. More details are forthcoming.

“As much as I know we would like to, we can’t simply avoid COVID-19,” CEO Gordon said in the message to employees. “Instead, together, we must continue to take every possible measure to keep safe and healthy until this pandemic finally ends. 

To access a dashboard showing numbers of CMSD COVID cases reported to the District hotline, go to The dashboard is updated weekly. 

The CEO’s message also included a list of the extensive measures that the District takes to protect students, families, staff and visitors from COVID-19. To view the list, go to