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Say Yes hires 4th set of support specialists






Say Yes to Education will hire 30 more specialists to organize services that help CMSD students overcome barriers to graduation.

With the additions, all District schools will now have a family support specialist to arrange services such as mental health counseling and legal assistance. The services assist students and their families, so the students stay on track in school and receive the Say Yes scholarships given to CMSD graduates.

The deadline for applying for the positions is Jan. 21. To apply, submit a cover letter and resume or CV to

A master’s degree in social work or counseling and five years of field experience are preferred. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in social work or counseling will be considered based on experience, licensure and advanced training.

Knowledge and experience working with or in child welfare and the school systems is preferred.

Say Yes has been phasing in the supports since introducing the scholarships in 2019. This fourth set of specialists will begin work next school year. 

For the full job description, go here.

Say Yes to Education scholarships pay up to the full value of tuition, minus federal and state aid, to all public colleges, universities and Pell-eligible training programs in Ohio and more than 100 private colleges and universities across the country. To qualify, students must be continously enrolled in a CMSD or partnering charter high school and live in the city of Cleveland or District from ninth grade until graduation.