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CMSD schools will participate in active shooter drill beginning in late August (Video)




CMSD schools will begin the school year by practicing what to do if a person with a gun enters the school building.

Walk-through Code Red active shooter drills will begin the week of Aug. 22 for year-round and extended-year schools and the week of Aug. 29 for traditional schools.

CMSD Interim Safety and Security Chief Lamont Dodson says the District has also hired 14 new security officers, so the department is now near full staffing.

“We were down 14 officers,” Dodson said. “We will have at least one security officer in school buildings when school starts Aug. 22.”

In other safety measures, CMSD:

  • is upgrading the security camera system at a cost of about $900,000.
  • has updated a flipchart that lists detailed instructions on what to do in a wide range of emergencies. A copy will be placed in every classroom and school office in the District.
  • will improve the public-address system and locks on classrooms and exterior doors.
  • is upgrading metal detectors

Earlier this month, Gov. Mike DeWine announced $47 million in safety grants for schools across the state. CMSD received $1.6 million.