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CSA Celebrates the Chinese New Year (Video)




The Cleveland School of the Arts front hallway and cafeteria area were transformed into a tranquil space to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, which officially arrived on Saturday, February 10. The year of the dragon is upon us. 

Red lanterns with beautiful Chinese designs covered the hallway ceiling, and a waterfall installation stood at the Black Box theater entrance. 

"It took students hours and hours to create hundreds of lanterns," said Elliot, a junior at CSA, who greeted guests as they entered the school.

The Lantern Festival was a collaboration between Michelle Brickner, the art teacher, and Yanping Yang, the Chinese teacher. 

Students worked during both classes to create art installations, which included a giant panda, a fish, a peacock, and butterflies. They also learned about Chinese culture and the meaning of the traditions surrounding the New Year's celebrations. 


"In the Chinese culture, we give red envelopes filled with money for the New Year," said Yang. "But at this festival, the red envelopes are filled with chocolate coins." 

Inscribed with wishes for the New Year, guests were invited to create lanterns. Chinese tradition calls for the lanterns to be placed on a body of water. However, because it's February in Cleveland, students used their imaginations to construct a glow-in-the-dark pond in the Black Box Theatre to display the lanterns. 

lantern festival


The New Year celebrants also learned to use chopsticks and were taught Chinese greetings, including hello, Happy New Year, and goodbye. 

"This is a great time for the students to collaborate, be resilient, and become culturally aware and global thinkers," said Yang.