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Vol. 26: Ohio House Bill 176

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House Bill 176

The sure path to transformation requires persistent efforts guided by consistent and rigorous standards. Cleveland, like other Ohio urban districts, has turned the first corner of improving graduation rates. At this critical juncture, the last thing students in Ohio need is another unnecessary change.  Transformation of education in urban districts can only take place when there are standards of education that bring clarity, consistency, and above all, equity to public education.

Therefore, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) opposes certain aspects of House Bill 176 because frequent changes to overall academic standards hurt.  Such changes will confuse educators, impose burdens on administrators, frustrate parents, distract teachers from teaching, and ultimately hurt Ohio students, who will face ever-fiercer competition in a global human resource market.  

CMSD is committed to working to uphold consistent and high standards so that the Cleveland Plan may transform the city of Cleveland in this generation. Namely, we support the current Ohio Learning Standards that are sufficiently designed to:

1. Cultivate a child’s critical and independent thinking

2. Foster the capacity for effective communication under different circumstances

3. Form informed and well-thought-through opinions based on evidence

That is, we support the current Ohio Learning Standards just adopted this past February. The adopted standards were developed by teachers and experts over a period of two years. These stable measurements best reflect the goals and expectations of performances fit for Ohio students. The standards created in Massachusetts and Iowa seven years ago no longer reflect what our future scholars and leaders need to learn to become successful Ohio citizens.

CMSD is looking forward to working with the committee members for a solution deliberated by all interested stakeholders. Please click here to access HB 176’s text analysis and notes on fiscal impact. 

Photos are courtesy of Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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