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Vol. 28: Graduation Requirements Extended

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Ohio Graduation Requirements

We at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) are excited to welcome in this new year and to continue our work in helping the students and families of Cleveland. Today, the State Board of Education held a vote to maintain the current graduation requirements for the state of Ohio until 2020.  The legislature has the right to accept to accept this recommendation or change the requirements through legislation.  

This year's graduating class of 2018 was granted additional options, this vote extends those options to the class of 2019 and 2020.  

In recent years, the CMSD has experienced marked improvement in the area of high school graduation. Just as importantly, our students are graduating more prepared for today's careers and college.  Ohio's learning standards, along with more emphasis on career technical options, have resulted in a 14% decrease in college remediation over the last four years for CMSD scholars.  

The current standards include a variety of rigorous ways to complete the requirements.  Stable graduation requirements that include rigorous expectations for students is something that is good for all Ohio students. 

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