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Hayder Amaailw - John Marshall School of Information Technology

Hayder Notable: Came to the United States from Iraq, via Jordan, in 2014 and enrolled in CMSD’s Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy.

High school resume: Graduated with a 3.86 average. Perfect attendance. Belonged to the Facing History and NASA clubs. Served as a student ambassador, recruiting students to John Marshall IT. Participated in the Future Connections internship program at University Hospitals and NEON Health Center.

Plans for the future: Attend John Carroll University, study chemistry, go to pharmacy school and open a pharmacy.

Challenges faced: Overcoming the language barrier after arriving in the United States.

Who besides Hayder deserves the most credit for his success? His parents for pushing him to go further and take extra steps to do well in college, career and life.

Quote: “I want to learn new things in life, because you can’t know everything. Every day you learn something new.”