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Tommy McIver - East Tech

Tommy Notable: Attended the former online school, ECOT, but switched to East Tech in 10th grade to interact with peers and get the “complete high school experience.”

High school resume: Ranked third in class. Speaker at City’s Year’s 2018 Rock the Red Jacket Gala. 2016 ROTC Top Performer. Member of Cleveland Explorers and FFA (Future Farmers of America). Played defensive and offensive lines in football. Served a summer internship with the ROTC in Cape Cod, Mass.

Plans for the future: Has enlisted in the Army and plans to make military service a career. After retiring wants to go into social work.

Who besides Tommy deserves the most credit for his success? His parents, East Tech Principal Temujin Taylor, his JROTC colonel and sergeant and a counselor.

Quote: (On why he has always wanted to be “Army strong.”) “Mental pain is only temporary. Physical pain is only temporary. When you push past that, what do you see? It’s a better version of yourself because you went through this particular stage.”