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Jose Rios, Facing History New Tech

Notable: Father walked to the United States from El Salvador years ago and is now a citizen. Jose has advocated for immigration reform, including meeting with congressional staff representatives in Washington, and is to be featured in a documentary produced by UnidosUS.

High school resume:

  • Class valedictorian
  • Received a scholarship to Ohio State University
  • Honored by UnidosUS for advocacy on behalf of Latinos

Plans for the future: Study aviation at Ohio State, enlist in the Air Force and become a pilot.

Challenges faced: Had difficulty making friends and moving beyond his comfort zone.

Who deserves the most credit for his success? Says he wouldn’t be where he is without assistance from his school counselor, Donna Stevens. She helped him get through tough timesin school and learn to deal with others.

Quote: (On his advocacy for immigration reform) “We have the right to speak our minds, on what we think, for change.”