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Cleveland Browns visit Paul Dunbar School in support of attendance campaign

Apr 18, 2019

The Cleveland Browns took a time out preparing for Sundays this fall by scooping up sundaes to the third graders at Paul Dunbar. Several players and Chomps visited the school to support the students and staff for their commitment to boosting attendance, especially during the Ohio State Tests. The Browns talked about the importance of education, took an attendance pledge with the students, played educational games, and delivered Special Teams Packages – personalized bags filled with school uniforms, other clothing essentials and school supplies.

The District’s “Get 2 School, You Can Make It!” attendance campaign began in 2015 and continues to be effective with support from community partners like the Cleveland Browns, helping to lower chronic absenteeism and increase academic performance. As part of the ongoing efforts to boost attendance and eliminate barriers in education, CMSD teamed up with the Cleveland Browns and Shoes and Clothes for Kids to create Special Teams Packages in 2016. District data shows that it helped increase attendance after a student received a package.