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March 19, 2020 Update from the CEO

March 19, 2020

This is the latest in a series of updates on our efforts to support students and families during Ohio’s mandatory school closure period.

We are continuing operation of our 22 meal distribution sites, and significantly increasing numbers of families are taking advantage of these meals.  As part of continuing efforts to create social distancing, it is NOT required that parents and caregivers bring their children in order to pick up these meals.  We will provide each caregiver with a grab-and-go breakfast and lunch for each family member, regardless of whether all family members come to the pickup site.  Please consider bringing a reusable bag to carry your meals home. 

While at the distribution locations, please also continue to pick up the printed academic enrichment materials and free paperback books that are available for you.  These and many other resources are also available on the District’s website.  While these resources are not intended to replace formal education, it is important that every child spend some portion of his or her day actively engaged in literacy, math and other school curriculum content.  Please also take advantage of informal education such as playing games and doing puzzles with your children and including them in normal household routines. It’s important not only for educational purposes but to also create a sense of connectedness and normalcy for our children during this difficult time. 

Please remind our high school seniors that we still expect them to finish their FAFSA and Say Yes to Education scholarship applications so they can follow their postsecondary education plans when this public health emergency ends.  Links to the College Now Greater Cleveland and the Say Yes Cleveland websites can be found on the District’s Coronavirus, or COVID-19, resource page.

Finally, please take the time to complete your U.S. Census form.  You can do this by mail, by telephone and online.  As you know, the federal government is about to push a lot of money out to states and cities to respond to the Coronavirus.  The allocation of those resources is determined based upon census data, so it is critical that every CMSD student and family member be counted!  Learn more on the CMSD website –

Please continue to stay as safe and comfortable as possible.  I will continue to update you regularly about our efforts to ensure our families are cared for and have access to academic enrichment during this period of school closure.

Thank you,

Eric Gordon

Eric S. Gordon