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July 19, 2021 -- In-person learning, with COVID safeguards


July 19, 2021

Dear CMSD Families,

After a great Summer Learning Experience for our students, we are very excited to welcome all of our CMSD students, families, and educators back to full, five-day in-person instruction this fall as well!

On July 9th, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released updated guidance for schools and school districts that recommends the continued use of masks for all unvaccinated students and adults in schools. At the same time, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 244, requiring the equal treatment of both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. Therefore, for the first five weeks of school, or until updated CDC guidance is released with different recommendations, all CMSD students, employees and school guests, including those that are fully vaccinated, will be expected to continue mask usage at school and during indoor school events and activities.

As recommended by the CDC, CMSD will also continue to maintain the 3-foot social distancing requirement where practical, although no student will be prohibited from attending full five-day, in-person learning.  All students and adults will continue to use the touchless thermometers and all CMSD campuses will have a full-time school nurse, beginning this year. PPE and sanitation practices will also remain in place.

While implementing these COVID safety measures during the first several weeks of school, CMSD will also be offering vaccination clinics for any student over the age of 11 and to any member of the student’s family, and will continue to offer free, voluntary, COVID-19 testing throughout the district.

There are a few important additional items students, parents, and educators should be aware of as we prepare to return to school. CMSD will no longer be requiring school uniforms for most students. Details about new student dress expectations will be released soon, but for now, I want parents to be aware that we will no longer require formal school uniforms unless it is uniquely specific to the model of your child’s school.

While we are excited to invite all of our students back to full time in-person learning, we know that there are some students and families who may wish to continue with a remote learning choice.  CMSD will continue to operate our Virtual Academy, and will be opening a formal remote school, staffed by CMSD teachers and educators, this fall as well. Families interested in exploring either of these options should contact our School Enrollment Team at 216.838-3675.

I hope each of our CMSD students, families, and educators are enjoying your summer! Please look for more specific back-to-school information from your child’s school and from the district in the days ahead.

Thank you,

Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon

CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District