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What's New in School Nutrition

What’s New in School Nutrition and CMSD


Written by dietetic intern Greg Fesz

Last month, the USDA's waiver aiding schools in their effort to continue to provide meals to students during the pandemic was extended through the end of the 2020/2021 school year.

The change in menus to provide food that is safe to prepare and eat in a grab n' go format is just one way that school districts have adjusted to serve their students and families. The balance between providing fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable food items is a challenge being met by both CMSD and the individual households we serve. Throughout this school year, our Nutrition Staff has introduced new menu items, celebrated National School Lunch Week with over 200 prize giveaways, packaged meals with care, and handed them off with a smile (you can sense it under the mask!).

In addition, the number of total meals given out last month was about 297,400. That’s approximately:

  • Over 18,500 gallons of milk
  • Over 4,600 gallons of fruit juice
  • Over 1,000 gallons of applesauce
  • Over 270,000 chicken nuggets
  • Over 135,000 meatballs

As education remains completely virtual, please continue to pick up meals at any school in CMSD. Note that for the week of Thanksgiving, all facilities are closed November 25th – 27th. Families can pick up 4 days worth of meals on Tuesday, November 24th. Not sure where the closest meal pick up location is to you? Check out this interactive map to find schools that distribute meals closest to you.

To view menus and more important meal distribution information regarding COVID-19, visit the Nutrition Department COVID-19 section on the CMSD website.

Here are some fun National Food Holidays in November to celebrate with your family:

  • November 11th – National Sundae Day
  • November 14th – National Pickle Appreciation Day
  • November 18th – National Apple Cider Day
  • November 21st – National Cranberry Day
  • November 24th – National Sardines Day
  • November 28th – National French Toast Day
  • November 29th – National Rice Cake Day



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