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April Updates for School Nutrition

April Updates for School Nutrition


Written by dietetic intern Rachel Dix

We are continuing to serve CMSD students and individuals who aren’t enrolled through CMSD with breakfast and lunch meals.

We have served over 2,000,000 meals to the Cleveland community since the start of the pandemic a year ago. That’s approximately equal to:

  • 125,000 gallons of milk
  • 250,000 pounds of chicken nuggets
  • 500,000 pounds strawberries
  • 500,000 pounds of green beans

We are seeing some changes to the Grab ‘n Go meal service after Spring Break. We will be giving out the Grab ‘n Go meals at High School locations only. The time slot for pickup will be Wednesdays from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm. Students who are in Remote Learning full time will receive five meals which include breakfast and lunch. Students who are in Hybrid Learning mode for two days a week will receive three meals which include breakfast and lunch. We have Grab ‘n Go meal flyers on our COVID-19 information page in both English and Spanish for more information.

The new spring season is bringing us some changes to our menu! Our April menu includes new entrees that students have taste tested and chosen to be added to the menu along with staff chosen entrees. To name a few we have Nashville hot nuggets, chicken sliders, galaxy pizza, Bosco Sticks, popcorn chicken, and french bread pizza. Each meal has a serving of grains, protein, fruit, vegetables, and milk to meet the USDA school meal standards. Check out our menu page to see the full menu for April.

We are here to serve the Cleveland community through our nutrition program to ensure that every family has access to free meals. Watch the video HERE from General Mills is about the benefits of participating in school meals!


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