Discipline & Referrals Policy & Procedures

Discipline & Referrals Policy & Procedures (Effective 10/7/2019):

Referral Procedures:

  1. Process:
    1. Complete the referral form. The form must be completed in its entirety including the problem behavior and specific description of the incident. 
    2. Send the student down with the referral or provide the referral at the end of the day if the student is not being sent to the office. 
    3. Referrals sent without a student are to be placed in the hanging mailbox outside of Bosley’s office marked ‘referrals’.
    4. This box will be checked throughout the day.
    5. Once the referral has been processed, the referral will be entered into Google and a notification will be sent to the teacher with the decision (including if the student will be placed in the planning center) and/or suspended. 
  1. Notes:
    1. Only students with a referral can be sent to the office.
    2. If students are sent to the office without a referral, they will be returned to the classroom (unless the issue requires immediate attention).
    3. Administration will address all referrals sent to the office.
      1. Time may be needed to investigate.
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