Good morning.

ALL 9th-12th grade John Marshall students!  This is an announcement for all three schools!  Starting today (2/22/21) Spring Athletics have begun!  If you are interested in participating in a Spring Sport, please view the options below and contact the coach connected with the sport you are interested in participating. I will put the each coach’s school email and you may contact them via Schoology.  To ensure proper communication I have included a few sentences stems to help with communication.  All practices will follow COVID-19 protocols, masks will be worn at all times except when competing, and as always sports are optional. Please discuss this with your parents before contacting a coach as you will need their approval.  

Email/Schoology message

Subject: Spring Sports

Hello Coach,

My name is INSERT NAME and I am interested in trying out for INSERT SPORT.  Please let me know the time and dates I am able to attend tryouts/practice to be a part of the team.  Thank you

Coaches and contact information:

Girl's track: Mr. Cleggett-Terrance.Cleggett@clevelandmetroschools.org

Boy's track: Mr. Viancourt-Robert.Viancourt@clevelandmetroschools.org

Softball: Ms. Tramontana- Katelyn.Tramontana@clevelandmetroschools.org

Baseball: Mr. Robison -Kenneth.Robison@clevelandmetroschools.org

Boys' tennis: Ms. Lorence-Kelly.Lamberti@clevelandmetroschools.org (Phone number :(847) 609-6399

Girls Rugby: Mr. Milliken-Donald.Milliken@clevelandmetroschools.org


If you have any questions, please call 2168386050