SmartFind Express (Substitute Center)

The SmartFindExpress Management System is where teachers, paraprofessionals and secretaries will enter their absence and request a substitute. 

The SmartFindExpress Management System is also where substitute teachers, paraprofessionals and secretaries will search for open job assignments. 

SmartFindExpress Substitute Management System – 216.838.4782 

Officeof the Substitute Coordinator – 216.838.0077 

There is an Employee User Guide located on the Human Resources page. There are also helpful training videos. 

For detailed information and training guides, please visit our New Educator Portal – Substitute page at 

SmartFindExpress – Employee User Guide (.pdf) 

SmartFindExpress – Substitute User Guide (.pdf) 

You may need to arrange for a substitute due to any absence or professional development. 

  • Prepare your students early in the school year by setting expectations and remind them the day before you are absent. 
  • Leave lesson plan and schedule (your school may have specific procedures for submitting emergency lesson plans). Enter this information or files for the substitute to see on your absence in the SmartFindExpress. 
  • Keep an accurate seating chart. 
  • Have a schedule for students that leave the room for special classes. 
  • Provide a class list. 
  • List the names of neighboring teachers who may be of assistance. 
  • Near the phone, post important phone numbers. 
  • If available, provide a school map. 
  • Write down dismissal time with any specific procedures and include length of time it takes students to prepare to leave. 
  • Call the Sub Center to extend all absences before 11 a.m. each day to keep the same sub and consistency in your classroom. 
  • For substitute assistance you may need in the classroom (IEPs, testing, help, etc.) when you 

are not absent from the building, you must have the principal send in the request for a substitute, as you do not want to report this as an absence. 

  • When there are no students and there is professional development you will not be attending, you must enter the absence as “no sub required.” 
  • If you are going to report being absent and you do not need a sub for that time, please enter “no sub required.” 
  • We do not provide subs for any absence that is a half of day or less and you will need to enter “no sub required.” 
  • SmartFind entries such as: absences, time off, sub changes or extensions must be made before the Workday upload at 11 a.m. on the current day. 
  • SmartFind does not work retroactively and whatever is missing after 11 a.m. will have to be entered and corrected by the timekeeper at your school. 
  • Please review and confirm each absence entry on your SmartFind calendar when finished and balance to your Workday at the end of each day. 
  • The SmartFind and Workday should match daily by 5 p.m. 
  • It is recommended for all SmartFind users to review both systems daily in order to submit your payroll each Friday of the pay period. 
  • When specifying any sub in your absence, please review the absence 3 days in advance to confirm your sub has accepted or to make changes. 
  • Have all your requests for sub in the sub system before the 5 a.m. callout starting time.