Early Childhood and Literacy PK-3

Early Childhood and Literacy PK-3 


Literacy arouses hopes, not only in society as a whole but also in the individual who is striving for fulfillment, happiness, and personal benefit by learning how to read and write.  Literacy means far more than learning how to read and write.  The aim is to transmit knowledge and promote social participation. 

UNESCO Institute for Education, Hamburg, Germany:  The Search for Solid Ground 


Language development is the motherboard for all learning so it is crucial that all students develop strong literacy skills to be successful in the world. Literacy skills lay the foundation for education and in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, we are committed to providing students with learning experiences that are engaging, differentiated and joyful. Evidence-based, proven instructional practices are used in all classrooms through systematic teaching that aligns to the District’s Theory of Action and Literacy Framework. Through implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports, our schools use the Big Ideas of Reading and the Science of Teaching Reading to focus instruction intentionally on the developmental milestones in reading. The National Reading Panel’s findings indicate that the skills represent the best approach to teaching reading through explicit, systematic phonics instruction, methods to improve fluency, and ways to enhance comprehension. 


The mission of the Early Childhood Office is to create a rich, stimulating and child-centered environment in every classroom. Our PreK-3 educators utilize developmentally appropriate teaching strategies in a center- based learning environment. In K-12, all students will participate in a rigorous, high quality learning experience aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards. 

It is important for new early childhood educators to understand Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. This initiative is designed to identify and support students in grades K-3 who are behind in reading. Over the course of the school year, you will receive professional development on creating reading improvement and monitoring plans (also known as RIMPs for students who are off track in reading. Be sure to visit 

the Early Childhood Education website which can be found by going to the District home page. Also, join the Early Childhood and Literacy team in TEAMS for additional TGRG information. 


The CMSD Early Childhood Office manages preschool enrollment, operations, licensing, curriculum, professional development and Step Up to Quality for all preschool classrooms in the District. The Early Childhood and Literacy Office also leads and manages curriculum, professional development, systems and processes aligned to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. The team manages and provided professional development for Model Lead Teachers, Reading Recovery Teachers, and Early Literacy Tutors. The department collaborates to oversee and manage the Elementary Summer Reading Academy as well. 


For additional information or assistance, contact the appropriate staff member: 


Executive Director of Early Childhood and PK-12 Literacy 

Nicole Vitale – Nicole.Vitale@Clevelandmetroschools.org 

Support Staff: 

Solution Specialists 

Jacqueline Williams – Jacqueline.Williams@Clevelandmetroschools.org 



Early Learning Assessment and Accountability Manager 

Amy Wallack – Amy.Wallack@Clevelandmetroschools.org 


Early Learning Partnerships and Transition Manager 

April Frazier – April.Frazier@Clevelandmetroschools.org  



Early Learning and Literacy Program Manager (PK-3) 

Gloriane Smith – Gloriane.Smith@Clevelandmetroschools.org  


Preschool Supports, K-3 Literacy and Model Lead Teachers, Data Specialists and Teachers on Assignment 

Susan Ehlert – Susan.Ehlert@Clevelandmetroschools.org 

Michael Gliebe – Michael.Gliebe@Clevelandmetroschools.org 

Traci Inmon – Traci.Inmon@Clevelandmetroschools.org 

Dolores Khadige – Dolores.Khadige@Clevelandmetroschools.org 

Meghan Metz – Meghan.Metz@Clevelandmetroschools.org 

Raquel White – Raquel.White@Clevelandmetroschools.org 


Additional Information Supports can be found on the website and in TEAMS: https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Domain/142 

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