Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum promotes student achievement (mastery) by supporting educators through quality instruction and rigorous curriculum which engages ALL students in THEIR educational journey in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Credit Recovery.


· The Office of English Language Arts (ELA) believes that the skills of speaking, reading, writing, and listening are foundational in all content areas. ELA is dedicated to reaching all students with a variety of instructional strategies. ELA provides educators with opportunities to collaborate and share best practices related to curriculum. Our goal is to have students prepared for their careers/college at graduation.


· The Office of Mathematics Education believes for our students to be successful in today’s world, they need a strong foundation in mathematics. The mission of the Office of Mathematics Education is to promote the success of all students by building the capacity of administrators, teachers, and parents. We challenge our students to engage in cognitively challenging tasks that are simultaneously within reach and rich enough to stretch students as far as they can go.


· The Office of Science Education supports the learning and teaching of phenomena in the natural and physical world. Science is an ongoing process which includes experimentation, collaboration, communication using scientific language, and the use of technology. We provide information, examples, and experiences for both educators and students to learn and practice science. Our goal is for students to identify as someone who knows about, uses, and contributes to science.


· The Office of Social Studies supports the acquisition of knowledge and thinking about history, government, economics, and geography; scholars are provided with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skill sets to address issues in the local, national, and global arena. They are prepared to become the next generation of voters, activists, and proactive citizens with the confidence to work to make the “World That They Want."