Arts Education 

The Department of Arts Education is dedicated to authentically and equitably develop and nurture each student’s full creative and intellectual potential through rich and participatory experiences in the arts. The arts offer powerful tools for expression, forge connections between intellect and emotion, problem-solving, communicating ideas and bringing meaning, context, and beauty into our lives. 

The DAE supports all CMSD students to receive a rich, experiential education in music and the visual arts as an ongoing part of a comprehensive PreK-12 curriculum and expands to add dance and drama in the All City Arts program and through 0/9 period. Robust programs via community arts partners complement learning outside of the school day. 

Contact information: 

Jeffrey Allen 

Executive Director of Fine Arts 



Health & Physical Education 

The Office of Health & Physical Education believes in the pursuit of physical literacy. Scholars are given the tools to pursue a lifetime of healthful physical activity. The interdisciplinary nature of health and physical education provides opportunities for all scholars to achieve the knowledge, skills, and values that will develop and enhance their sense of wellness and improve their health to maximize the quality of their lives.  Scholar’s will value physical activity and its contributions to a healthful lifestyle. 

Contact information: 

Desiree Powell 

Executive Director of Health, Physical Education, Interscholastic Athletics and Student Activities 



World Language 

CMSD World Language is an office in the Multilingual Multicultural Education Department. 

Our mission is to promote bilingualism, biliteracy, and cultural competencies by offering a wide range of language learning opportunities to prepare our K - 12 students to succeed in today’s diverse world. We believe that students who learn another language reach higher academic performance, display greater cognitive benefits, and develop a more positive attitude toward the target language and the speakers of that language.  

Through the teaching and learning of world languages our scholars become empowered and able make real connections as global citizens.  

Miguel Aular 

World Language Program Manager 


 (216) 838-6973