Student Supports

Special Education and Intervention Services 

In order to realize our post pandemic vision for EVERY student in EVERY classroom in CMSD, we need to provide students with disabilities with a free, appropriate public education that gives them ACCESS to the learning vision, ensures that they are INCLUDED in the learning vision, and paves a PATHWAY TO SUCCESS for every child,f rom identification to graduation.  All learners are unique, and each learner has the right to an individualized education program (IEP) that accounts for how their disability might affect how they learn and thrive in school.  

It is the mission of Special Education and Intervention Services to ensure the provision of inclusive, learner- centered services and supports to all children with special needs and their families, in every school, so that all students graduate from high school prepared for college, careers, and fulfilling independent lives. 

CMSD's Approach to Special Education -  

Learner-Centered Services and Supports for All: 


In CMSD, ALL students receive their education and prescribed services in their Least Restrictive Environment. 

In CMSD, ALL schools provide Specially Designed Instruction, core instruction with supports, and related services. In CMSD, there is a seat for every child, regardless of the nature and severity of their disability. 

No student will be segregated or excluded from regular classes solely based on their disability. 

Specially Designed Instruction and core content education may take place in the regular education classroom with accommodations and supports, or in a small-group resource room setting, or in a single classroom environment (separate classroom) for one or all core subjects. These decisions are made by the IEP team and are based on the needs of the student as well as the type of instruction and services identified. 

To meet the needs of students in their LRE, all CMSD schools have access to related services, including but not limited to: 

  • psychological services 
  • nursing services 
  • speech and language therapy 
  • augmentative and assistive communication 
  • occupational therapy 
  • physical therapy 
  • audiology 
  • itinerant Teacher of the Deaf services 
  • sign language interpreter services 
  • itinerant Teacher of the Visually Impaired services 
  • orientation & mobility services for visually impaired students 
  • secondary transition services 

Visit the Special Education/Intervention Services website for more information: 

Contact information: 

Each school has a specific program manager, behavior manager and compliance auditor. 

Department Main Office Number: 216-838-7733 

Jessica Baldwin, Interim Deputy Chief of Student Services 

Coralise Terwilliger, Director of Special Education Compliance 

Alice Krost, Director, Behavior Services 

Bernetta Wiggins, Executive Director of Integrated Health

Samantha Brown, Director of Speech, Language and Communication Services

Karen Thompson-Repas, Director of Occupational and Physical Therapy 

Mary Ann Teitelbaum, Ph.D.,Director of Psychological Services 

Humanware and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 


Humanware is an initiative of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District supporting the commitment to providing safe and supportive schools where our scholars can succeed and thrive. Humanware advocates for evidence-based best social emotional learning (SEL) practices.  Humanware Partners serve as thought-partners, planners, professional learning providers, and coaches to CMSD Educators to facilitate the integration of SEL core competencies into schools to engage students, family, educators, and community to create safe, supportive, and successful learning environments. Humanware advocates for best practices that ensure that all human resources in a child's school, family and community function together so that students are learning in safe, supportive and successful schools. 


Humanware/SEL Strategies are designed to: 

  • Facilitate students and educators learning and practice of the five SEL core competencies (Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making) 
  • Develop early-intervention strategies 
  • Promote civility and decrease bullying 
  • Foster community-service partnerships 
  • Improve collaboration between schools & agencies 
  • Enhance the partnership between schools & families 
  • Facilitate effective Student Support Teams (collaborative problem-solving groups, which include administrators, teachers, student-support professionals, and parents) 
  • Facilitate effective use of PATHS and Planning Centers 
  • Provide a coordinated sequence to the Social and Emotional Learning section of the District’s Scope and Sequence 


CMSD Supported SEL Curricula: 


The PATHS Program - 


The PATHS® curriculum is a well-researched classroom curriculum model designed to facilitate the social and emotional development of children from Pre-k through grade 5. 


Second Step - 

Second Step helps you teach powerful skills and competencies—like handling strong emotions, setting and meeting goals, making good decisions, and forging positive relationships—while building the safe, supported learning environment middle schoolers need to succeed. 


Facing History Facing Ourselves - 

Facing History offers an interdisciplinary model for high schools that integrates civic education, social– emotional learning, academic rigor, and attention to equity. Facing History's lessons and teaching strategies develop students' self-awareness, social awareness and relationship skills. 


Visit the Humanware/Social Emotional Learning website for more information: 


Contact information: 
William Stencil 

Executive Director of Humanware/SEL Department 


Mutli-Lingual/Cultural Office 

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) offers free language assistance for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students and parents with respect to school programs and activities. Families who are limited in speaking, reading, writing or comprehending English are eligible for assistance. We also serve families in the following ways: 

  • Provide enrollment and language assessments for students whose first language is not English 
  • Family and student support services in several languages 
  • Parent orientation services in different languages for District services and second language services 
  • Parental engagement events and workshop 
  • Resources and community referrals wraparound services 
  • Student and family advocacy 
  • Translation and interpretation services 
  • Provide assistance with home and school connections, and facilitates communication and school options/choices 
  • Provide assistance with families and students in crisis 
  • Connect with families and students to community agencies to assist with meeting basic needs such as afterschool children programs, tutoring, ESL classes, GED classes, employment and training 

The curriculum of the Multilingual Multicultural Education Program is aligned with the state and District standards. Second language learners are held to the same high expectations established for all students. A focused approach will develop literacy and proficiency in the native language and the second language in listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Bilingual/ESL instruction is offered for English language learners in grades K-12, representing over thirty-seven (37) languages 

Services we provide for students are: 

  • English as a second language 
  • Bilingual instruction 
  • Dual language program (Spanish/English) 
  • Newcomers program 
  • Bilingual special education 
  • Sheltered model 
  • Content-based English as a second language 
  • Tutorial services after school and summer 
  • School enrichment programs 

Visit the Multilingual Multicultural Education website for more information 

José O. González, Ed.S. 

Executive Director, Multilingual Multicultural Education & World Languages