Getting Started with Schoology



The resources below are available to you to learn more about Schoology. Resources include a videos and a self-paced course housed within the Schoology platform that walks you through creating and managing a course.  


Schoology Training Sequence


Step 1:  

Watch the Schoology Basics video



Complete the "Getting Started with Schoology" self-paced course. To find this course you should: 

  1. Log into your email/Office 365. Click on the "waffle" in the upper left hand corner. See the video instructions if you are not familiar with the waffle.
  2. Click Clever. Click "log in using active directory"
  3. Scroll down until you see Schoology. Click on Schoology
  4. Once in Schoology, click on "Courses" at the top of the page. You will then see "My Courses" appear under your name in the upper right hand corner. Click "My courses"
  5. On the right you will click the "Join a Course" button. You will join the course by entering this access code: JVWN-G5R8-J8ZSK.

If you are unable to log in using the instructions above, please contact our IT service desk at (216) 838-0440. You may proceed to step 3 while waiting for the login issue to be resolved.  


Step 3:  

Watch the Schoology Overview for CMSD to reinforce learning from the Getting Started course.

Access Passcode: 3D?n1x3$ 


Step 4: 

Watch the Schoology and Office 365 video -