Acronym List

AAP          Academic Achievement Plan

ACT          American College Test

ADM         Average Daily Membership

AFT          American Federation of Teachers

AIT           Academic Intervention Teacher

AP            Assistant Principal

AP            Advanced Placement, high school high-level courses

APT          Academic Progress Team

AR            Accelerated Reader

ATC          Action Team Coach

AU            Autism

AYP          Adequate Yearly Progress

BB            Barrier Breaker

BIP           Behavior Intervention Plan

BLT          Building Level Team

CAO        Chief Academic Officer

CAP         Corrective Action Plan

CBA         Collective Bargaining Agreement

CCSS       Common Core State Standards

CD            Cognitive Disabilities – Intellectual Disabilities

CEO         Chief Executive Officer

CEUs       Continuing Education Units

CFL          Conditions for Learning

CFO         Chief Financial Officer

CIS           Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

CM            Classroom Meetings

CMSD       Cleveland Metropolitan School District

COO         Chief Operating Officer

CTAG       Closing the Achievement Gap

CTE          Career and Technical Education

CTU          Cleveland Teachers Union

CWA         Community Wrap Around

D/B           Deaf/Blindness

DD            Developmental Delay

ED            Emotionally Disabled

ELA          English Language Arts

ELL          English Language Learner

EMIS        Educational Management Information System

EOC         End of Course Test

EPDC       East Professional Development Center

ERF          Employee Request Form

ESC          Educational Service Center

ESEA        Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESSA        Every Student Succeeds Act

ESL           English as a Second Language

ESP           Encore Teachers

ETR           Evaluation Team Report

eTPES       Electronic Teacher & Principal Evaluation System – summative evaluation

FACE         Family and Community Engagement

FBA           Functional Behavior Assessment

FERPA       Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FIM            First in Math

FIP             Formative Instructional Practices

GT             Gifted and Talented

GGG         Get It Got It Go (Preschool testing)

GPA          Grade Point Average

GRE          Graduate Record Exam

HEC          Higher Education Act

HI              Hearing Impairment

HIPPA       Health Insurance Portability Act

HR            Human Resources

HST          High School Transition

ID              Intellectual Disability

IEP            Individual Educational Plan

IPDP          Individual Professional Development Plan

IPR            Interim Progress Report

ITR            Infor Teach Resources

IVR            Interactive Voice Response (Automated Phone Calls)

jROTC       Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

JSEC        Joint Special Education Committee

KRAL        Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Literacy

LEA          Local Education Agency (CMSD)

LEP          Limited English Proficiency

LMS          Learning Management System

MAP         Measures of Academic Progress – Test associated NWEA

MD           Multiple Disabilities

MF           Medically Fragile

MFE         Multi-factored Evaluation

MOU        Memorandum of Understanding – agreements between CTU and CMSD outside the CBA

NOW        Not On Our Watch

NWEA      Northwest Evaluation Association – assessments used for data

OAM        Orientation and Mobility

ODE         Ohio Department of Education

OFT          Ohio Federation of Teachers

OHI           Other Health Impairment(s) – could be Major or Minor

OH/ID       Ohio Identification Portal

OI             Orthopedic Impairment

OIP           Ohio Improvement Process

OPD         Office of Professional Development

OPES       Ohio Principal Evaluation System

OST          Ohio State Tests – Grades 4-8 Reading/Math

OT            Occupational Therapy (Therapist)

OTELA     Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition

OTES       Ohio Teacher Evaluation System

PAR          Peer Assistance and Review

PATHS      Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies

PBL          Problem Based Learning

PBL           Project Based Learning

PCIA         Planning Center Instruction Aid

PD            Professional Development

PE            Physical Education

PLC          Professional Learning Community

PLTW       Project Lead the Way

PRE4CLE Pre Kindergarten for Cleveland

PSAT        Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

PSEOP     Post Secondary Education Opportunity Program

PT             Physical Therapy (Therapist)

RE            Resident Educator

RIMP        Reading Intervention Monitoring Program

RSBP       Responsible Sexual Behavior Program

RSPs        Related Service Providers (nurses, psychologists, SLPs, OTs, PTs, etc.)

RTA          Regional Transit Authority

RTI           Response to Intervention

SAT          Scholastic Aptitude Test

SBB         School Based Budgeting

SDI          Specific Designed Instruction

SEL         Social Emotional Learning

SIG          Student Improvement Grant

SLD         Specific Learning Disability

SLI          Speech or Language Impairment

SLP         Speech Language Pathologist

SOP        Summary of Performance

SPED      Special Education

SPO        School Parent Organization

SST         Student Support Team

STAR      Standardized Test for Readiness (Early Literacy)

STEAM   Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

STEM     Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics  

S&S        Scope and Sequence

SST        Student Support Team

TBI         Traumatic Brain Injury

TBT        Teacher Based Team

TDES     Teacher Development and Evaluation System

TOEFL   Test of English as a Foreign Languages

TESOL   Teaching English to Students of Other Languages

TGRG    Third Grade Reading Guarantee

UBD       Understanding By Design

UCC       Union Conference Committee

UWGC    United Way of Greater Cleveland

VA           Value Added

VI            Visual Impairment

WAP       Written Acceleration Plan (for subject, whole grade, early entry, and early grad)

WAVE     Winning Against Violent Environment

WEP       Written Education Plan (for gifted identified)

WMA      Written Mutual Agreement – specific in the CBA and building level