• Students who are interested in a pursing their education through a computer-based learning system, meeting daily with live CMSD teachers, and guiding their own education in self-selected electives once they complete their first two-year basics.  Our programs emphasize critical thinking and analysis. We help students learn “how to think” about alternative approaches to resolving issues, not simply “how to do” problems, although there are skill components within the curriculum. Multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving are affirmed by examining issues from a variety of perspectives.

    The courses are designed to help students develop an extensive understanding of students’ own roles in society. Students are exposed to many management processes and styles.  Students’ core classes feature career components such as computer-based problem solving, self-reflection, and intervention supports while transitioning in remote learning.  

    We Focus On:


    • Strategies for Organizing
    • Culture and Society
    • Restorative Justice
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • Responsibility
    • Environmental Practices
    • Communication
    • Creative reading and writing
    • Equality
    • Self-Health based learning
    • Scientific exploration
    • Self-selected electives in 11th and 12th grade