• CMSD is pleased to offer the Get More High Quality Teachers Fund, an alternative licensure scholarship program funded through the Mackenzie Scott Grant. The district is currently sponsoring licensure in HS Math & Science, Intervention Specialist, Music, Art and Physical Education which will fill high-need vacancies within the district.

    The CMSD Get More High Quality Teachers Fund is available to all current CMSD Educators who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching through an alternative licensure pathway. The fund will provide tuition assistance of up to $1000 per person to attend the Alternative Licensure Institute. This is a fast-track program for a person who already possesses a Bachelor Degree to obtain Teacher Licensure. 

    Click here to apply! (Available to Current CMSD Employees only)

  • Career Changers

    Don’t have an Education degree? Don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree but have agriculture, healthcare, business, family and consumer sciences, marketing, or trade and industry experience? There is a path for you to become a teacher! CMSD has relationships with the organizations and programs listed below. However, we are always receptive to other programs.

    Check out some of the alternative pathways offered by the Ohio Department of Education here:

  • Educator Prep
  • Career Tech Licenses
  • What is DREAM?

    Learn about the DREAM program through Cleveland State University!

    DREAM is a master’s program degree that results in:

    • Two initial licensures (Primary Pk-5 and  Early Childhood Intervention Specialist)
    • TESOL endorsement
    • A Master’s Degree

    How long is the program?

    • DREAM takes two years and has a total of 66 credits
    • Two fall semesters, two spring semesters, and two summer sessions

    Qualifications for the program include a recommendation from the CMSD Multilingual Multicultural Office.

    If you are interested in learning more, visit the website using the link above. Applicants approved for the tuition waiver must receive a recommendation from the CMSD multi-lingual/multi-cultural office.

    Teach for America

    Have a Bachelors degree in another field but want to teach?

    Check out the Teach for America program!

    The Teach for America (TFA) program allows those who are eligible to work in the US and have a completed Bachelors degree in any area with at least a 2.5 GPA the opportunity to participate in the program.

    Participants will attend comprehensive summits and professional development to prepare you for teaching in a classroom environment. During your first year as a TFA corps member, you’ll learn how to deliver rigorous lesson plans, create inclusive learning environments, and exercise self-awareness as you develop relationships with students, families, and fellow educators in unique communities.

    You will commit to teaching full-time for 2 years in a district such as CMSD, and you will earn an initial temporary teaching license to qualify for jobs in the area while you complete your full license program.

    Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program

    Cleveland State University offers a Masters program for those with a post-secondary degree in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, or Foreign Language. The program focuses on Urban Education.

    The Master of Urban Secondary Teaching Residency Program (MUST) is a 14-month accelerated, selective, field-based graduate teacher education program that prepares secondary teachers who are committed to teaching in urban schools. In response to the critical shortage of secondary teachers, MUST exemplifies the Levin College of Public Affairs and Education's commitment to educational professionalism and urban school renewal. In particular, MUST prepares urban educators in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Foreign Language. The program's goal is to graduate reflective, responsive teachers who are prepared to promote students' learning while consciously addressing the effects of race, class, and gender on student achievement.

    The MUST program recruits interns who demonstrate a commitment to urban schooling and community renewal. Admission requirements include: at least a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, science, English, history or a related field; above average grades in that field; and competency or potential in communication, leadership, collaboration, and problem - solving. Interns are admitted as cohorts who take classes together for the duration of the program.

    Learn More About the MUST Program here!