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“Buddies” are helping to increase a love of reading at Denison (Video)





Whether it is a four-legged friend or a fuzzy stuffed animal, students at Denison PreK – 8 School now have a companion to help them learn how to read.   

The Adopt-a-Reading Program began in December, the brainchild of library media specialist Anne Marie Brown.    

“We focus on preschool through third grade students,” said Brown. “I feel like it is important to reach them while they are young.”    

Reading Buddies at Denison

As part of the reading program, also implemented at Daniel E. Morgan and Benjamin Franklin PreK-8 Schools, students pick out a stuffed animal and give it a name.   

They also recite a pledge to take care of their buddies and read to it every day.    

Kerrigan named her buddy Chester and credits him with helping her improve her reading skills.    

“Chester helps me pay more attention,” said the third grader.    

When the students read aloud to their buddies, they make sure they are properly positioned to see the words.    

“It is not like a person who can interrupt you when you are reading,” said Chole also in the third grade. “And it is silent, and it listens to every word you read.”   

Brown says the students’ reading skills have improved as well as their confidence.    

“The reading buddies have really helped them to stay on task and motivate them to read,” said Brown, who collected more than 600 stuffed animals for the students.  

Reading buddy at Denison  

On Wednesdays, students also have the bonus opportunity to read to Ms. Mable, a live therapy dog.    

These companions are also there to watch as these students develop a love of reading.    

“Chester is my best friend,” said Kerrigan.