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CMSD and MetroHealth Team Up to Bring In-School Clinics to Scholars and Families (Video, Photos)



Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the MetroHealth System leaders celebrated the 10th anniversary of collaborating to provide school-based health care services by opening three school wellness clinics.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony just outside the Glenville High School Wellness Center, CMSD CEO Dr. Warren Morgan told a small crowd that the opening of the clinics highlights three of CMSD’s new core values: Equity and Inclusion. Student and Community focused, Care and Well-Being.

“Because if we are not healthy and whole, we would not be able to educate our scholars,” said Dr. Morgan.

He added the clinics are sanctuaries of holistic care, where the multifaceted health care needs of CMSD families are met with comprehensive care.

Dr. Aircia Steed, MetroHealth President & CEO, said the wellness clinics located at Glenville, Mound, and Clara Westropp PreK-8 Schools will help close health care gaps in Cleveland.


“We are improving health care outcomes by bringing health care directly into our communities where patients live, work, play, and learn,” said Dr. Steed. The services offered at the wellness clinics include:

· Annual physicals

· Immunizations

· Mental/behavioral health therapy

· Chronic care for asthma and diabetes

· General dental care

The City of Cleveland’s Public Health Care Director, Dr. David Margolius, said student attendance improves when they have access to in-school health care.

“They also do better in school, and high school graduation rates increase,” said Dr. Margolius. “Families don’t have to take as much time off from work, and there is an increase in parent engagement.”

Through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, nearly $4.5 million was awarded to MetroHealth's School Health Program in the spring of 2022 to renovate and expand these wellness centers and add new healthcare services throughout the District. Construction and capital expense management is coordinated with the Ohio Departments of Education and Health. Additional funds are available through the Governor's Emergency Education Relief Fund.