• About Our School

    Garfield School Garfield School is one of CMSD’s high performing school choices within the city of Cleveland. Garfield is pioneering new ways of moving schools from traditional to transformational places for children to learn and grow. As an elite transformation, HIGH DEMAND school of choice, its enrollment fills extremely quickly each year in PreK through 8th grade. We're one of four schools in Cleveland to offer dedicated gifted classes on Campus. We also offer two high school classes on-site: Algebra I and English I. It is recommended that if Garfield is your choice of school for your child that you enroll as soon as possible at www.choosecmsd.org.
    The Garfield School successful student has positive parental/guardian support of their academics and supports a socially, community conscious peaceful environment. We offer rigorous and challenging academics and have high expectations of student performance. Since re-opening in a new facility in 2009, Garfield serves the greater community as a pre-service teacher training and administrator internship site for Cleveland State University and Baldwin Wallace University.
    Garfield School is an excellent school choice for students who thrive in an academically enriched environment with the parental commitment to assure the necessary support of learning and expected conduct for this environment. Our students believe that the smartest children attend Garfield.