• In the past four years, Lincoln-West High School has made significant progress as a CMSD Investment School. In addition to gains in student achievement and parent engagement, surveys of our students and families are a clear indication that our school climate is improving.

    Even with these improvements, Lincoln-West continues to lag behind higher-performing schools across the district that serve similar populations and enrollment numbers are down. The good news is, families are choosing their child's school more conscientiously than ever. The Lincoln-West staff is committed, therefore, to accelerating the gains we are seeing and implementing strategies that we know will enable Lincoln-West to attract and retain families to our school community.

    CMSD's "Portfolio Design" approach has brought new school models to neighborhoods across the city, that with the support of their community partners, are bringing families back to their school community.

    The highly acclaimed John Hay campus, the two new schools that will be housed inJohn F. Kennedy High School--PACT and E3agle Academy, and three new schools that opened on the campus of John Marshall are all examples of high school schools that, with a complete redesign, are leading to significant increases in student enrollment.

    The Lincoln-West school community is known for having the same high expectations for our children. That community pride is an essential element in our plan to begin a similar design process throughout this school year. The Fall of 2016 we opened School of Global Studies— an enhanced educational model with an international focus.

    As part of the design process, various stakeholders (parents, students, educators, community members, foundations, The Carnegie Corporation and CMSD staff) participated in this exciting work. With the financial support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York and with the support of the Cleveland Board of Education, our community partners and friends, we are able to offer our students and families of Lincoln-West an additional opportunity for support and investment!