• An EOL is an Exhibition of Learning!

    Twice a year, students have the opportunity to showcase their learning and growth during their Anchor Performance Tasks (APTs). They present their learning to a small group of peers, teachers, and community partners in a round-table format. Students are assessed using a rubric on school-wide competencies. After the presentations, students have the opportunity to network and discuss their presentations with peers, teachers, and community partners at a luncheon.

    The EOL is a dynamic means of assessing our students’ knowledge of school-wide competencies as a part of our mastery learning model.  These competencies address the students’ abilities to develop critical thinking skills, hone their language proficiency, and take ownership of their learning. These EOLs serve as interim assessments and opportunities for students to practice for a more comprehensive EOL that is required for graduation.  Exhibitions of Learning give students the opportunity to:

    - Demonstrate their understanding of content through the language modalities of speaking and listening

    - Improve their public speaking skills

    - Improve their preparation and organizational skills

    - Practice professionalism

    - Experience receiving feedback and using it to improve their future performance