• Support Services

    Robust support services are key to student success at BHSEC.

    Academic Resource Rooms

    Located in the library, the Academic Resource Room exists to help students successfully achieve their educational goals in the early college program. We support students who seek individualized help on class assignments. Students may make appointments for one-on-one tutoring with a staff member or peer tutor, arrange group work sessions, or simply drop by for homework assistance during lunch, free periods, or before or after school.

    Faculty Office Hours

    All faculty members at BHSEC offer office hours—dedicated time in which they work individually with students. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty members. 

    Summer Bridge

    Prior to entering BHSEC, all incoming students attend a two-week introduction to Bard High School Early College. The program is held during the summer and its primary goal is to transition students into a new setting and ease any anxiety they may have about making new friends and engaging in early college work. Students take sample classes, learn study skills, become familiar with the neighborhood, and collaborate in group activities that promote team building.

    College Experience/Research Workshop

    In this two-semester sequence, students in the early college program investigate study skills essential to college success. They learn about the various aspects—intellectual, emotional, and financial—of adjusting to college life, in both residential and commuter settings. They also explore and practice the personal writing essential to successful applications for transfer admission and scholarships.

    Math Lab

    Writing Center