N.O.W. & W.A.V.E.
    Not on Our Watch & Winning Against Violent Environments 
     N.O.W & W.A.V.E are Euclid Park's promoting peace and a positive school climate initiatives designed to empower students to work to decrease instances of bullying and/or major conflicts within their schools and communities. The goal of these programs are to foster a climate that makes it uncomfortable to engage in bullying behavior by decreasing the number of student bystanders while increasing the number of upstanders. 
    Meetings are held once a month during lunch time
    Meditations are held on Fridays, or as needed, by completion of referral forms submitted by scholars & staff members.  
    For additional information, please contact Mrs. Rusley.
    N.O.W. and W.A.V.E. You can find mediation forms next to the downstairs bathroom and upstairs bathrooms.
    N.OW & W.A.V.E. are having an activity called mix it up day. We have it every year to teach new students about the Euclid Park family, and to make them feel comfortable at Euclid Park.