• Greetings!

    We hope that you and your family are managing successfully during this most unusual time. While we are thankful for the connection that technology does provide, we know that it does not replace the connection of face-to-face communication and interaction. We miss you all dearly.

    We will continue growing and learning together as we all aim to increase our technology skills while participating in online instruction. We are doing our best to keep you up to date with all of the latest happenings in our school and community, from learning resources to food drives, to even free and low-cost internet and technology devices and academic learning pods.  Your feedback is so important to us and we would love to hear from you. There are many ways to reach us, one is through email. Any staff member can be reached via email with their first and last name @ clevelandmetroschools.org (ex. Samuel.Roman@clevelandmetroschools.org). Our staff roster is located under the staff tab of this website. Another way is FaceBook. Now, there are many FaceBook pages under our school name, our communications department is working with FaceBook to have them deleted. The official page looks just like the website, Harry the jaguar and our guitar students. You can send direct messages there too. Our Twitter page is another place where you can find valuable information. Our twitter handle is @LuisMunoz_CMSD. We look forward to connecting with you soon.


    Wishing you well,

    The Administration