• About Us


    The Unsilenced Voices of CMSD are all students at Cleveland Metropolitan School District high schools who want to make their voices heard in a society that often doesn’t prioritize listening to young people.

    While they’re currently a small but mighty batch, we think you’ll enjoy hearing from them over the next year or so. Their interests are varied and so the topics will vary on this blog, as well as the format. Expect video blogs on local and national politics, news stories about students and others living in Cleveland, and even a podcast or two!

  • We’re currently looking for some more student bloggers to join us, so, if you are a student yourself, or you’re a parent or teacher who knows a CMSD student who has something to say, please contact us!

    Unsilenced Voices is a project started by Report for America Corps Member Conor Morris in partnership with CMSD, along with faculty advisor Gayle Gadison.

    Our mission is to provide an outlet for students to talk about issues they care about, while teaching those students about journalism and blogging.

    Questions, concerns or want to sign up? Email Conor (cmorris40@gmail.com) and Gayle (LaVora.Gadison@clevelandmetroschools.org).