• The CMSD Rows program was developed to provide student athletes from the Cleveland Schools an opportunity to experience a sport that not many high school athletes get a chance to see, yet participate in.

    The CMSD Rows rowing program is unique, because unlike other high schools, our team is composed of students from not just one school but many of the school in the Cleveland District. 

    Rowers come from Max Hayes, John Hay, Jane Addams, Lincoln-West and Ginn Academy participate with CMSD Rows. Students are recruited from all of our high schools to participate in the program.

    More than just rowing

    • Study tables
    • Each athlete must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no F’s on their previous report card in order to participate.
    • Building relationships with others studentathletes in CMSD schools
    • Building relationships with other Rowing teams
    • Summer program

    The focus of CMSD Rows is personal leadership, teambuilding, education, community engagement and active living (physical health).  The Goal of CMSD Rows is to cultivate future leader, make positive and lasting changes in our student athletes.