• Luis Muñoz Marín
    School Staff

    School Year 2021 -2022



    Educator Role Name Email
    Principal Samuel Roman  Email
    Assistant Principal Khalid Mulazim  Email
    Dean of Engagement Jennifer McShan  Email


    Instructional Staff


    Educator Role  Name  Email
    Preschool Sarah Toivonen  Email
    Preschool Stepahnie DeFelicibus Email
    Preschool Susan Ginley Email
    Kindergarten Lori Widmer Email
    Kindergarten   Melody Martinez  Email
    1st Grade     Cheryl Glinsky Email
    1st Grade Yashira Santiago Email
    Reading/Math Intervention Barbara Galaszewski Email
    2nd Grade   Myroslava Cheren  Email
    2nd Grade   Omayra Orta Email
    Reading/Math Intervention Catherine Roof  Email
    3rd Grade      David Roth Email
    3rd Grade      Aurea Orengo-Caraballo Email
    Reading/Math Intervention Regina Westlake Email
    4th/5th Grade ELA/Social Studies Jeannine Bogielski Email
    4th/5th Grade Math     Christina Castro Email
    4th/5th Grade ELA      Megan Balduff Email
    4th - 6th Science Andrew Greco Email
    7th/8th Math Leah Lopez Email
    6th/7th ELA Mary Northeim Email
    7th/8th ELA Renee Ritter Email
    7th - 8th Science/7th Math Karen Fugate Email
    6th - 8th Social Studies Patrick Hopkins Email
    6th - 7th Math Iris Morales Email
    Intervention Specialist (MF) Karen Blackshire Email
    Intervention Specialist (MF) Jon Sizemore Email
    Intervention Specialist (MD) Thomas Piscitello Email
    Intervention Specialist (MD) Linda Stanoszek Email
    Intervention Specialist (ED) Miguel Bendezu Email
    Intervention Specialist (K - 2) Krystyna Kubb Email
    Intervention Specialist (K - 2) Christine Puskas Email
    Intervention Specialist (3 - 5) Bonnie Cole Email
    Intervention Specialist (3 - 5) Dezi Henkin Email
    Intervention Specialist (6 - 8) Christine Rode-Bundy Email
    Intervention Specialist (6 - 8) Graciela Barton Email
    Art Thomas Jares Email
    Media Mary Rindfleisch Email
    Music Rhonda Harrell Email
    Physical Education Jamie Pieh Email
    Spanish Jacqueline Pastor-Thomas Email
    Reading Recovery Specialist Lisa Graboski Email
    Gifted Itinerant Lynn Carney Email
    Model Lead Teacher Amber Rossero Email 


    Support Staff

    Educator Role Name  
    Site Coordinator    
    Applewood Counselor Stephanie Flynn Email
    School Nurse Jane Saloka Email
    Physical Therapist Julie Ballas Email
    Occupational Therapist Mark Dabney Email
    School Psychologist Gabriela Alvarez Email
    School Psychologist Laura Billetz Email
    Speech Pathologist Joslin Phillibert Email
    Speech Pathologist Tonya Gallo Email
    Instructional Assistant Nadia Shurn Email
    Instructional Assistant Jessica Brown Email
    Instructional Assistant Carol Harmony Email 
    Instructional Assistant Raymond Foster Email
    Instructional Assistant Maureen Blazek Email
    Instructional Assistant Nelly Gonzalez Email 
    Instructional Assistant Bruce Greene Email
    Instructional Assistant Lakisha Harris Email
    Instructional Assistant Regina Curtis Email
    Instructional Assistant Melissa Rossero Email
    Instructional Assistant Naomi Weiss Email 
    Planning Center Instructional Aide Nora Rodriguez Email
    Instructional Aide Bilingual Karina Morales Email
    Principal Secretary Carmen Quinones Email
    School Secretary Opal Jones Email
    Custodian Henry Townsend Email
    Assistant Custodian Michael Romine Email
    Environmental Services Specialist  George Figueroa Email
    Environmental Services Specialist  Christine Calhoun Email
    Food and Child Nutrition Ezel Phillips Email
    Food and Child Nutrition Mary Bearden Email
    Food and Child Nutrition Rose Issa Email
    Food and Child Nutrition James Duckworth Email
    Food and Child Nutrition Sedrick Wright Email
    Security Officer Kimberly Burks Email
    Security Officer Adam Goodall Email