• Our Vision

    In our pursuit of a more fair, just, and good system of education, we want each of our learners, both each of our scholars and each of their educators, to be individually and collectively presented with academically/intellectually complex tasks that are worthy of their productive struggle and allow them authentic opportunities to demonstrate their work and their learning of academic content and transferable skills in a joyful and adventurous environment.

    East Clark Principal’s Vision/mission

    • To provide every student, every day with equal access to rigorous instruction and to provide necessary supports that will prepare them to be contenders in a competitive society.
    • My primary goals are: To ensure we provide an environment for students to feel valued, safe, and challenged. Provide lessons that are equitable, data-driven, differentiated, student-led, and provide opportunities for further exploration (inquire/ project-based). Provide professional development and supports for staff in order to improve student and school achievement. 
    At East Clark, we are playing an important role in The Cleveland Plan, which is reinventing public education in our city and serving as a model of transforming public education in the state of Ohio.

    Elements of The Cleveland Plan include:

    • Ensure every child in Cleveland attends a high-quality school and that every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose. 
    • Become a district where district and charter schools are held to the highest standards and work in partnership to create dramatic student achievement gains for every child. 
    • The District will provide excellent schools in Cleveland, regardless of provider, and give these schools autonomy over staff and budgets in exchange for high accountability for performance. 
    • The District will create an environment that empowers and values principals and teachers as professionals and makes certain that our students are held to the highest expectations.

    To schedule a tour or to enroll your child in our school please call 216-838-0650.