• Student Dress Code

    Scholars will follow the CMSD dress code at all times unless there is a dress down day or special event that the Principal has given permission. 
    All scholars will follow section VI of the School Uniform policy:
    1.  No hooded jackets.
    2.  Shirts should be tucked in.
    3.  Females:  any solid color blouses with collars, polo shirts with collars, oxford tops with collars or turtlenecks.
    4.  Males- any solid color dress shirts with collars, polo shirts with collars, oxford button-down shirts with collars or turtlenecks.
    5. No striped tops or clothing for males or females. 
    1. Blue or white only!
    2. No insignia or logos. 
    3. Approved  colors are blue or white.
    1. No jeans or sweatsuits.
    2. Females: skirts, jumpers, slacks, knee length shorts, capris- all items knee length or longer.
    3. Males: pants, knee length shorts.
    4: Colors:
          A. Dark blue/navy, black or tan/khaki. 
    5. Material: uniform, dress or corduroy.
    No Headgear of any type.
    All scholars are required to wear belts (black,navy,light or dark brown) for slacks, skirts, shorts, skorts with belt loops.
    All belts should have not have an insignia or logo.