• Waverly Staff

    Administrative Staff

    Administrative Staff
    Title Name Email
    Principal Sommer Edwards-Fountain Email
    Assistant Principal Tina Hardaway Email
    Dean of Engagement and Student Support Brandon McCruel Email
    Say Yes, Family Support Specialist TBA Email
    Parent Ambassador TBA  
    Secretary Tiffany Bruce Email


    Instructional Staff

    Instructional Staff
    Grade Teacher Email
    Model Lead Teacher Lori McElwain  Email
    Integrated Pre-K Dorothy Clark Email
    Integrated Pre-K Alexandra Johns Email
    Integrated Pre-K Calandra Goss Email
    Integrated Pre-K Rain Kendall Email
    Integrated Pre-K Leslie Wasserman Email
    Integrated Pre-K Nautica Shurn Email
    Preschool Special Ed. Michael Sepsi & Brianna Starkey  Email / Email
    Kindergarten Susan Muller Email
    K-1 Sue Silagy Email
    4th Grade Michelle Meyer Email
    1st Grade Peggy Wood Email
    2nd Grade Paula Tylicki Email
    2nd Grade Brittany Jasinski Email
    5th Grade Colleen Fitzpatrick Email
    3rd Grade Kelly Amos Email / Email
    4th Grade Caroline Leutenegger Email
    Middle School Science Kathleen Sebastian Email
    Middle School Math Bryan Camp Email
    Middle School ELA Rebecca Shinko Email
    K-1 CC Intervention Specialist Tammy Johnson Email
    K-2 CC Intervention Specialist Nisha Watkins Email
    2-4 CC Intervention Specialist Consuello Litt Email
    3-5 MD/AUT Irina Klur & Evelyn Rivera Email / Email 
    6-8 CC Intervention Specialist Deborah Gregory  Email 
    Physical Education Malcolm Geeter Email
    Media Raechel Brooks Email
    Art Carmonita Williams Email
    Music Nancy Burnett Email
    Media Specialist/CCCCC Raechel Brooks/Robert Morris Email/Email
    Planning Center Jalouia Barksdale Email
    Building Sub Calandra Goss Email
    Speech Thomas Kearns Email

    Building Staff

    Administrative Staff
    Title Name Email
    Occupational Therapy Mia Sandate  
    Psychologist Elizabeth Pugh  
    Nurse  Delaney Elliot Email
    Cooks Teofila Santiago/ Keren Irizarry   
    Security Lanise Binns  
    Custodians Robert Bradley/ Edward Podlecki  
    Cleaners Wilfredo Galivan