• School Parent Organization

    You can improve your child's success by joining the School Parent Organization (SPO). As an active member of the SPO, you can:
    • show your child the importance you place on education
    • help to make positive changes in our school
    • share your ideas, concerns, and experiences
    • put your skills and hobbies to use
    • know what's happening in our school
    • witness improvements, and
    • build relationships with other parents and teacher
    Please stop in the main office for more information. See below for details of the SPO positions duties and responsibilities. We look forward to you supporting our SPO!


    A. President: The President serves as the primary parent representative and spokesperson.
    The President is responsible for coordinating the meet calendar and agenda, the formation of sub-committees and maintains regular communication and collaboration with the building Principals and Family Liaison (where available). The President presides over official meetings.

    B. Vice Presidents: The Vice-Presidents shall perform all the duties of the President in his or her absence or inability to act and shall be members of the SPO Executive Committee. The Vice Presidents have the responsibility for maintaining communication, and collaborating with the activities of all sub-committees established by the SPO Executive Committee. The Vice Presidents are responsible for the organization and oversight of the election process of the SPO Executive Committee.

    E. Recording and Corresponding Secretaries: The Secretaries shall attend and act as secretary for all meetings of the members of the SPO Executive Committee and general meetings; shall record all votes taken at any such meeting; shall take and transcribe minutes of the proceedings of any such meetings; shall maintain a record of all funds transactions, correspondence and proceedings of the organization in a book to be kept for organization and SPO Executive Committee meetings; and shall perform such other duties as may be deemed necessary by the SPO Executive Committee or the President, relative to the duties of the secretaries.

    F. Historian: The Historian is responsible for the collection and display of activity outcomes. The Historian will work closely with the Secretaries and Family Liaison (where available) to maintain visual and written representations of any information about events that have occurred as a result of parent participation and involvement.