• Our Curriculum

    To provide our students with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes for success, we use the following:


    • ELA Curriculum - EL (Expeditionary Learning)
    • Math Curriculum - Eureka
    • Science Curriculum - Into Science
    • Social Studies Curriculum - Studies Weekly


    Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

    • PATHs - Providing Alternative Thinking Strategies (Grades K-5)
    • Second Step (Grades 6-8)


    Academic Achievement Plan

    Our vision for learning in a Post-Pandemic World:

    In our pursuit of a more fair, just and good system of education, it is CMSD's vision that each of our learners, both each of our scholars and each of their educators, is individually and collectively presented with academically/intellectually complex tasks that are worthy of their productive struggle and allows them authentic opportunities to demonstrate their work and their learning of academic content and transferrable skills in a joyful and adventurous environment.

    Nathan Hale's AAP