• JACCA Logo

    JACCA Mission 

    JACCA pledges to serve as a bridge to success for the city of Cleveland. We commit to intentionally guide and prepare our graduates for college and career opportunities. We will instill an urgency to become confident citizens who advocate for themselves and their community.


    JACCA Vision & Core Values


    At John Adams College & Career Academy, our core values are embedded in everything we do.


    • Everyday includes relationship building in Morning Circle
    • JACCA staff are committed to building positive relationships with JACCA scholars


    • Collaboration among students is seen frequently in JACCA classroom
    • JACCA staff members collaborate regularly


    • Inquiry is an important part of being an AVID school
    • Questioning is a key strategy used in JACCA classrooms


    • We work with JACCA scholars to set and monitor goals that will drive their time in high school and beyond
    • A scholar's career goals will drive their pathway while at JACCA and planning for their post-secondary experience


    • Developing a strong school community is a priority to JACCA leadership and staff. School events, such Trunk or Treat and the JACCA Thanksgiving Dinner, create this culture in the school
    • We develop partnerships with the community through History of Cleveland, AVID, volunteering, and pathway development so that students have a connection to the city they live in