• Partnerships

    In 2016, the founding leaders and school designers of RSES were charged to rethink high school through a competency based education model. After receiving an Opportunity By Design grant funded by the Carnegie corporation of New York, we had the support of Springpoint, a school design organization made up of respected leaders on the forefront educational innovation based in New York City.  Much of our design stems from Spring Point’s 10 principles.



    In order to bring our vision and competency based model alive, we partnered with Summit School District from California and implemented the use of the Summit Learning Platform, also known as the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). This on-line platform is a tool that aligns to our personalized and project based learning model. RSES partnered with Summit in 2017 with its first cohort of students. Now, Summit as partnered with over 300 schools across 40 states. http://www.summitps.org/


    The Rhodes School of Environmental Studies (RSES) is proud to announce a relationship with the following community partners:

      The entire RSES family is thrilled to be working with these fine organizations and will update this page throught the year as new projects and ideas come together thanks to our wonderful community partners.