• Virtual Parent Meet and Greet

    September 3, 2020
    5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    Welcome to the 2020/21 School Year!   

    This will prove to be a year like no other.   I am very excited about the many great things that are about to happen.   Despite our current struggles I know that we will emerge better and stronger than ever before.  The innovations that are taking place to meet our current needs will stay with us in the long run, and will immerse us in a high tech environment that none us us have experienced before.   As you probably know, we as a district have purchased, and are now utilizing, a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology.   Through Schoology you will be able to access your childs grades, assignements, and be able to connect with your child's teacher and materials like you never have before.   In grades PreK-2 we will be using an additional  system tailored to our younger scholars called Seesaw which is a way to manage your childs learning and engage them in a fun and creative learning experience.    In tonight's Virtual Meet and Greet, I will be sharing with you important school wide information that will help you succeed in the upcoming year.   After attending the main session with myself and my admin. team, you will have the ability to meet with your child's teacher, reveiw their schedules and get a virtual tour of our new learning platform.    Below I am listing some basic instructions as to how the evening will flow.

    • Attend Mr. Myslenski's School-wide session 1st.   This session will go over important school and district information that you need to know.
    • Attend individual teacher sessions to learn more about Schoology, Seesaw, how to log in, and where to find important class information.
    • Check your student schedule using the link directly under our  'Virtual Meet and Greet'  link off of our main page.
    • Get any additional questions asked in our main page Q&A sessions.   

    *Note:   All sessions and presentations will start and restart every half hour.   All sessions will have a short Q&A session after the presentations.  We ask that you follow normal internet etiquette by doing the following:

    • When entering a Zoom session please mute your microphone
    • Please wait for prompts from the moderator to begin question and answer sessions
    • Use the raise hand function if possible.

    Together we are going to make this great!   Know that we are here to support you and your family.   If you have any additional concerns or questions do not hesitate to call my

    cell phone @ 216-838-6204.     

    Cardinals...get ready to take flight!



    Mr. Myslenski










     After you have attended the first session.   Click on the links to join your childs TEACHER SESSION.    All sessions repeat every 1/2 hour.




       Mrs. Stofan Mrs. Taylor Ms. Damm-Young Ms. Muhammad









    Mrs. Herbele    Ms. Berlingeri







    1st Grade


    Ms. McCall    Mrs. Davis







    2nd Grade


    Ms. Kautzman    Ms. Cheverine







    3rd Grade


    Mrs. Jarosky    Ms. Allen








    4th Grade


    Mrs. Carter  Ms. Wise  







    5th Grade


    Mr. Younker Mrs. Cooper







    6th Grade


    Mr. Nagorski   Ms. Naz







    7th Grade


    Ms. Spence   Ms. Stephens







    8th Grade


    Mrs. Lacey   Ms. O'Donnell








    Intervention Specialist

    Ms. Davis   Mr. Widman Ms. Rose Ms. Pecek Mr. Pempin







    Encore Teachers


    Ms. Harbert  Mr. Housum Mrs. Brown








    Planning Center Paraprofessional

    Ms. Bircher