• Who we are?

    Kenneth Clement Boys’ Leaderships Academy (KCBLA) is an all Cleveland Metropolitan School District single gender academy. KCBLA is an all-male academy servicing grades Pre K – 8. We are 99% African American and the only elementary school in the country with this distinction. At KCBLA we educate through building relationships. Our relationships are with families, scholars and community. At KCBLA “we build men of tomorrow, starting today”. Men are born to succeed, not fail.

    These relationships is evident in our attendance which is between 92-95% daily, our Conditions for Learning (CFL) scores, and State Assessments. The CFL scores bare out that evidence, social emotional learning of 95% and students feeling challenged by the curriculum at 98%. The state assessment shows improvement in grades 3, 6 & 8 for the last two years. To remain on this track we offer intervention groups for each grade band. For grades kindergarten – 2nd grade we use Reading Mastery, 3rd – 5th grade uses Phonics for Reading, and 6th – 8th uses Rewards.Our teaching staff is primarily male (40%). It is important for minority boys to see successful men who look like them but understanding that the world is diverse.

    Our Head of School is Mr. John T. Story. At KCBLA, the right fit for every scholar is important to the staff and administration. The first step in that journey is to build relationships with families. Our Head of school, Mr. John Story, meets with every incoming family.

    Our classrooms are broken up into grade bands. This is one of the ways to facilitate the building of relationships with the scholars. Our staff employ various academic and social emotional interventions within their grade bands and throughout the building to provide support for our scholars.

    Our Pre-K classroom has to follow CMSD and Ohio Day Care rules. This is a full day class. Students in Pre-K are enrolled as students in CMSD. They automatically roll over into kindergarten unless the parent chooses to enroll them at a different school.
    When KCBLA first opened the Cleveland Cavaliers were one of our partners. They sponsored the media center. Inside on the walls are murals of famous minorities. In addition to media, the other encore classes are art, music and physical education. Our Head of school understands the need for physical education, especially in boys, so we have physical education twice a week.

    Redirection and Corrective Action - At KCBLA, we make every attempt to redirect our scholars and provide them with tools to manage their own behavior.

    Additionally we offer:
    • Computer Lab  
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Athletic teams
    • Chess Team
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Student Led Leadership Teams
    • Student Ambassadors
    • Track